Smart strata management solution

Purpose-built for condominiums, apartments and other strata properties, KakCondo is designed to serve the needs and interest of residents, stakeholders, developers, property managers and management committees.

01User Accounts

Unlimited user accounts for each individual parcels, management staffs and even unit rentors.
If you own or are managing multiple properties using KakCondo, you can manage them all just by using a single account.
Varying levels of user access and permissions.

02Executive Reports

Reports are prepared and compiled automatically in real-time so you always have the latest data.
Interactive graph to identify patterns and make better informed decisions.
Yearly historical data are easily accessible for comparison.
Download and print in PDF, Excel or CSV format.

03Unit Management

Centralized parcel and rental unit management features under one roof.
Keep track of tenant info, vehicle registrations, unit status, occupancy and many more.
Handle deposits, payments and billings. View detailed transaction history.
Manage accessories and parking units rental and allocation.

04Account Management

Keep track of multiple residence accounts including cash, bank and investment accounts.
Account balance are automatically updated on every transaction to mirror the actual bank balance.
Audit and verify transactions simply by comparing the generated ledger with actual monthly bank statements.

05Issues Management

Register new reports manually or receive reports directly from resident users.
Verify and escalate reports into issues for further actions. Create and update corrective tasks.
Record contractor quotations and award selected contractor.

06Contract Management

Manage purchase orders, variation order, invoices and payment vouchers easily.
Streamlined invoice matching to avoid paying incorrect or fraudulent invoices.
Download and print purchase orders and payment vouchers documents.

07Asset Management

List and itemized all your assets brand, model number, location and notes.
Keep track of all work done to an asset and its corresponding ownership costs.
Update latest assets valuations for appreciation and depreciation.

08Parking Management

Individual unit listing with signal indicator for availability, assignment and expiry.
Set unit types, allocation, rental rates and rental term duration.
View breakdown of empty units, allocated units and facilities allocation.

Full spectrum of strata property management tools listed above and many more.

Clean, secure and transparent accounting and operational records with automatic documents and reports generation.

Enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) with secure and temper-proof data storage.

24/7 access anywhere on the internet with fully responsive screens for mobile and tablets.

Bilingual interface (English / Bahasa) with intuitive and simplified UI.

Product Brochure

Download our product brochure for a comprehensive preview and share it with your management committee.