Smart Condominium Management System

Streamline solution for a fair, secure and transparent JMB and MC.

MonitoringUnit BillIncome ExpenseElectricWaterPhone & InternetIssuesCrimeIncomes and ExpensesMonthly total incomes and expenditures.RM25,00050,00075,000100,000IncomesExpensesSmart CondoOperationsResidenceAccountingWorkCommunityParcelFacilitiesParkingAccessoriesManagementMonitoringAnnual StatementsPerformance


Complete accounting solution to manage all of your residential book‑keeping needs.


Keep track of reports, issues, unit allocations, rental status and other management items effortlessly.


Do more with less while avoiding mistakes and errors with the power of automation and AI.

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Simply a smarter, more cost-effective way to do things.

If you compare the cost of the traditional way of doing things and all its troubles, factor in the equipments and staffing needs, KakCondo is a no brainer.

Pn. Arbi Bt A Hamid

Akasia Apartments, Puchong

Full features, enhanced with automation.

KakCondo offers a complete stack of strata property management tools made simple with artificial intelligence and automation for effortless accounting, operations and reporting.

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  • Owner and Tenent Info
  • Parking Allocations
  • Accessories and Rentals
  • Unit Types and Rates
  • Registered Vehicles
  • eNotices
  • Strata Roll
  • Committee List
  • User Accounts


  • Individual Unit Accounts
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Monthly and Batch Billing
  • Income and Expense
  • Advance Payments
  • Late Interests
  • Monthly and Yearly Ledger
  • PO and Payment Voucher
  • Debtors


  • Reports
  • Issues
  • Crime
  • Contract Management
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Assets
  • Work History
  • Utilities
  • Vehicle Lookup


  • Balance Statement
  • Income and Expense
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • Contractors and Vendors
  • Utilities Usage
  • Billings Charged
  • Issues and Reports
  • Census

Works on mobile and tablet too!

Designed to work seamlessly across devices. Take KakCondo with you and have all the data and operational capabilities in your hands.

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With tools to make every part of the management process simpler and accountable, proper management for your property has never been easier.

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